How to use / install 6D hair extensions ?

Step 1: Put plastic comb into the slots
Tips: 1.Push the button to make the slots open
2. Make sure Tube’s opening sides up

Step 2. Pull out the plastic comb from both ends
Tips: 1.Be careful do not break comb teeth.

Step 3. Put the plastic comb in here, press tight.

Step 4. Select a row of hair , width about 5cm,thickness 1.5cm, each slot about 40strands of hair.

Step 5. Put 6D hair machine in the hair

Step 6. Push the button and press hair into the slots tightly

Step 7. Press the handle,make sure comb teeth all in the tubes.

Step 8. Release the handle

Step 9. Push the button and get the hair out of the slots.

Step 10. Remove the plastic comb